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Acrylic Bathroom

Big Easy Bathtubs offers a range of high-quality acrylic bathrooms that promise elegance and durability for your home. Our selection includes single, double, corner, and freestanding models that are designed to fit any bathroom size or style.

Best of all, our acrylic bathroom installation services come with a warranty. This gives you peace of mind when you make this important home investment. You can enjoy luxurious bathing experiences with the most cost-effective solutions! From luxury soaking tubs to functional wall-mounted showers, Big Easy has it all.

Acrylic baths are renowned for their ability to retain heat, which helps keep water warmer longer during baths and showers. These tubs are also easy to maintain and clean and come in different colors and styles, so you can choose the one that best fits your style.

We also offer installation services to make the transition from old bath to new as seamless as possible. Get in touch with us today and discover the beauty of an acrylic bathroom in New Orleans.

Designs Ideas for Acrylic Bathrooms

Modern Bath with Sloped Roof

This modern bathroom design is perfect for any home thanks to its clean lines and minimalistic elements. The walls are made out of acrylic, which adds a modern touch while creating a calming atmosphere. The sloped roof provides extra light and ventilation, making this an ideal spot to unwind after a long day.

Vintage Tub in Neutral Colors

If you’re looking to give your bathroom an old-timey feel, then this design is right up your alley. It features an old-fashioned tub made out of acrylic surrounded by neutral colors on the walls and ceiling. This design works particularly well in smaller bathrooms as it brings a sense of nostalgia without feeling cramped or crowded.

Open Shower Concept

open showerFor those who prefer showers to baths, this open shower concept won’t disappoint. All the walls around the shower stall are made of acrylic. This allows for a lot of light to enter the room and keeps the temperature level controlled. And since there’s no shower curtain or door needed here, it gives off a relaxed vibe that can help make bathing all the more enjoyable.

Candy Blue Layout with Dark Floors

Brighten up your bathroom with this candy blue layout featuring dark floors! Acrylic walls in shades of blue create an eye-catching contrast with the black flooring. After long days spent outside or working from home, the whole space gives a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Adding colorful towels and other decorative items could also ensure that your bathroom looks like one straight out of a magazine!

Wood-Lined Space

If you’re looking for something traditional yet timelessly classic, then a wood-lined space is perfect for you! Wooden panels line the perimeter of the acrylic walls, which provide plenty of privacy while still letting natural light in throughout the day. During the daytime, no artificial light is needed. In addition, these wooden panels pair well with warm tones on both the flooring and walls – ensuring elegance instantly!

Maintenance Tips for Acrylic Bathrooms

Acrylic bathrooms are a great choice for those who want style and longevity. However, like any other type of bathroom, they require proper maintenance to look their best. Here are some easy tips that can help you keep your acrylic bathroom looking as good as new:

  1. bathroom cleaningClean regularly with a mild detergent and warm water: Acrylic surfaces should be wiped clean using soap and warm water on a weekly basis. This helps prevent dirt, dust, bacteria, and other particles from settling into the surface. After cleaning the walls and tub, be sure to rinse the area thoroughly with clean water.
  2. Avoid abrasive materials when scrubbing or wiping: Abrasive materials like scouring pads and steel wool can damage or scratch acrylic, so it’s best to avoid them when cleaning. Stick with soft, non-abrasive cloths or brushes to remove dirt and soap residue without damaging the material.
  3. Don’t use harsh chemicals: Acrylic is quite resistant to most common household cleaners, but you should still avoid using stronger chemical solutions in your bathroom because they can cause damage. These can cause discoloration and may even damage the material over time.
  4. Remove mineral deposits from shower heads and faucets: Over time, mineral deposits can build up in areas such as shower heads and faucets, making them look dull or faded. To prevent this from happening, periodically clean the affected areas with a solution of one part vinegar and two parts water. This should help remove any mineral deposits that have formed.

Costs of Acrylic Bathrooms

The cost of an acrylic bathroom varies widely depending on the design and materials used. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 for a standard-sized bathroom with typical features. If you’re looking for something more luxurious or want custom designs, then your costs could rise even higher.

At the lower end of this range, you’ll find simpler designs that use basic materials such as ceramic tiles and acrylic walls. As you move up in price, more complex designs come into play including wood accents and decorative fixtures. The final cost will also depend on factors such as labor costs and additional features like heated floors or a steam shower enclosure.

Choose Big Easy Bathtubs for Your New Acrylic Bathroom

Big Easy Bathtubs is the perfect place to shop if you’re looking for a high-quality acrylic bathroom in New Orleans. Our selection of acrylic tubs and walls come in many different styles, colors, and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your home.

We also offer a variety of customization options, so you can make sure that your new bathroom looks exactly how you want it to. Plus, all our products are made from durable materials that will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

We know that cost is an important factor when choosing a shower or bathtub, and that’s why we keep our prices low without compromising quality. That way, you don’t have to break the bank just to get the bathroom of your dreams.

Contact us today and start exploring all the possibilities that we have to offer. With us, you can create a stylish and luxurious space at an affordable price!

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The bathtub they installed is perfect. It’s really deep and looks sleek in my house, just like I wanted! The company was also very professional and on time with the installation process.

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