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Nothing can elevate baths or showers as much as freestanding claw bathtubs — and some candles and champagne. Add in a faucet and some accessories, and you’re all set. Our bathtub specialists can help you choose the tub of your dreams.

Components to Consider When Installing a New Bathtub

Before a new bathtub installation, we recommend checking the following factors:


First, imagine where you want to place your bathtub. Check how many walls and corners will surround it. These components can help you determine the kind of tub you need.

Bathroom Size

Naturally, it’s best to have enough space in your bathroom for the tub of your dreams. Some dimensions won’t work for small spaces, and some won’t do large spaces any favors.

Clawfoot Tub Size

There are no one-size-fits-all bathtub solutions for various bathroom requirements. Instead, we recommend choosing a size based on what your bath will allow. However, freestanding tubs can match virtually any layout.


Your new bathtub should be easily accessible. It’s also a good idea to add rails, grips, and non-slick bottoms for maximum safety.

Plumbing Considerations

Bathtub installation requires faucets, knobs, drains, and pipes. Aside from matching the bathroom design, they should also work properly. We recommend coordinating your plumbing fixtures with the other fixtures in the bathroom, like lights, towel racks, and faucets, when choosing a tub.

The Bathtub Installation Process

Luxury Bathroom-Big Easy BathtubsMany home improvement projects are perfect for DIY schemes. However, some require more knowledge, experience, and skill, like a bathtub installation. At Big Easy Bathtubs, this is the step-by-step installation process we follow for new tubs:

  • Choose a bathtub: First, we help clients choose the ideal bathtub. Our bestseller is the cast iron clawfoot tub. If there’s an existing tub, we remove it before moving on to the next step.
  • Install the plumbing: Next, we measure the tub to make sure all components align with the plumbing. Sometimes, this process requires adjustments or a ledger board.
  • Lodge the bathtub: Once the plumbing and ledger board are ready, we install the new bathtub by carefully lowering it into its designated space. Our specialists have completed this process hundreds of times, so we know what it takes to achieve a seamless installation.
  • Connect the plumbing: After installing the bathtub, we then attach it to the plumbing system. We start with the shoe fitting, followed by the drain pipe, overflow pipe, and drain flange.
  • Install bathtub surrounds: These products are vertical surface materials that protect walls above bathtub and shower units. Proper installation ensures your bathroom stays clean and dry.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Clawfoot Tub in New Orleans?

Claw tubs are the epitome of luxury. Many people know them for their freestanding design that contains four pegs underneath. The pegs, or feet, often have an elegant claw design.

Modern tubs come in various styles and materials. While the clawfoot tub installation project cost depends on different factors, national installment costs average between $2,300 and $4,100. Low-end acrylic brands may be as low as $900, while high-end copper clawfoot bathtubs may cost up to $5,800.

At Big Easy Bathtubs, we offer various tubs to match your needs. Get in touch with our specialists now to achieve your dream bathtub.

How Long Does It Take To Install Claw Tubs?

Claw tub installation work is a challenging task because such containers often weigh between 200 and 400 pounds. Their typical cast iron material and porcelain finish make it difficult for homeowners to complete the process without reliable professionals.

However, successful DIY attempts may take a full day of work, with the unit hopefully ready for use within 24 hours. On the other hand, it may take professionals between three to five hours to complete this installation type, with tubs and showers guaranteed ready for use within 24 hours.

Why You Should Hire Us for the Job

At Big Easy Bathtubs, we boast three components that make us stand out from a sea of competition. Below are reasons you can trust us with your tub’s flawless installation.

1. Experienced Professionals

Our seasoned specialists have enough bathtub installation experience to know how to build the perfect product with freestanding tub fillers. Together with top bathtub brands, we continuously train our team of experts. Our staff members always observe industry best practices to serve your needs as best we can.

2. Modern Tools and Materials

DIY tub installation is an uncommon endeavor because doing so involves working with a massive object in a limited bathroom space. To achieve desired results, we use the latest bathtub tools and materials in the market. The list includes wood shims, drills, galvanized nails, adhesives, and woodworking tools.

3. World-Class Services

You will witness our world-class services from day one, from the time you request a bathtub quote until you have a question about our industry-best warranty practices. At Big Easy Bathtubs, we observe customer-centric practices that focus on what our clients need from start to finish.

Get the Perfect Bathtub for Your Bathroom Now

Whether you need a new or replacement bathtub for your bathroom, we wouldn’t recommend doing it on your own. After all, even lightweight acrylic tubs can weigh 75 pounds. Without a professional on your side, you might cause damage to yourself or your bathroom.

If you want to achieve a seamless tub installment, it’s best to stick with seasoned specialists in New Orleans. Get in touch with us today to request a quote. We would love to help you upgrade your bath through our services.

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The bathtub they installed is perfect. It’s really deep and looks sleek in my house, just like I wanted! The company was also very professional and on time with the installation process.

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The team at Big Easy Bathtubs was great! They got back to me quickly with an estimate for refinishing our tubs, which are old. The workmanship looks phenomenal! I’d recommend them if you need help with your bathtub remodeling.

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They do amazing work. I had my very old tub reglazed and it came out looking brand new! Great business, reasonable price & professional–I highly recommend them for your next bathroom project.

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