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Gretna is filled with beautiful homes. Aside from the exterior, however, a house’s interiors will also affect your home’s overall appeal. That’s why an outdated bathroom can reduce your home’s value. Fortunately, Big Easy Bathtubs will ensure that your home retains its beauty for a long time. Our contractors will do their best to perform the necessary renovations, so your investment will always be protected.

Our team of bathtub contractors is well-trained and has the experience needed to conduct any tub remodeling, replacement, repair, and installation you have in mind. Due to our team’s commitment to only delivering high-quality output, we only use the best tools and materials for our projects.

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Gretna Bathtub Remodeling

If you have grimy, boring, or less-than-adequate showers or tubs in your Gretna home, it’s time to call a bathtub contractor in Gretna, LA. By doing so, you’ll have a beautiful and functional bathtub without the hassle and stress involved if you opt to go down the DIY route.

Our company offers durable and low-maintenance products, making us the perfect company to assist you with your bathroom replacement and installation needs.

Reclaim Any Wasted Space With a Tub-to-Shower Conversion

If your bathroom contains an unused tub, it’s in your best interest to reclaim that space through a tub-to-shower conversion. Thankfully, we offer this service, allowing you to transform an unused tub into a functioning shower. Despite giving you the same benefits, this update is also much less expensive than a traditional bathroom remodel. In addition to the financial savings you get, tub-to-shower conversions can be completed in a single day, eliminating the hassle brought by a long bathroom renovation process.

Here’s how tub-to-shower conversions work:

  • During the free consultation, you can choose the right details for your new shower.
  • Our expert will then turn your vision into reality by fabricating the shower based on your bathroom space.
  • Once it’s ready, our installation team will arrive in the morning, giving them ample time to finish the job in a day.

What Makes Our Bathtub Remodeling Services Stand Out?

A professional contractor in Gretna area, LA always values customer service and satisfaction. Hence, their contractors always prioritize helping people over gaining profits. With this in mind, we make sure that we’ll be working with you from start to finish, ensuring that you’ll a tub and baths that are suitable for your household budget and needs.

Here are some services you can get from us: 

  • Walk-in tubs
  • Replacement for tubs and baths
  • Replacement for surrounds
  • Roll-in showers

Here’s a detailed look into the following services you can get from an LA bathtub contractor:

Shower Remodels To Suit Your Gretna Home

Our shower remodels allow you to eliminate the constant need to scrub your baths. This is because our new shower models have a non-porous surface, making it much easier to clean even without the help of harsh chemicals. You can also choose from our selection of colors and styles, as well as a variety of custom touches, like a rainfall shower head. Thus, by using this service, you’ll have an opportunity to create a bathroom that can match the entire look of your LA home.

Better Safety, Style, and Comfort

A white bath tub sitting in a bathroom next to a windowIf you’re looking for a fast replacement or lengthy installation process, you can count on us for the following ways to spruce up your bathroom’s safety, style, and comfort. Here’s how we can help:

  • Industry-leading Products: We only partner with leading brands in the industry so we can provide your home with products that are both durable and easy to maintain.
  • Accessible Bath Remodeling: Whether you love bathing or showering, one of our goals is to give you an accessible and secure bathroom. That’s why we offer safety accessories, walk-in tubs, and much more for your LA bathrooms.
  • Award-winning Service: Our team of experts is all full-time, factory-trained, and dedicated employees. Our contractors also have the necessary experience and certificates to handle any bathroom concerns you have in your LA home.
  • Comprehensive Warranties: One thing is certain: we only offer true warranties. This way, you can protect the investment you make.

One-Day Bathroom Remodels

As mentioned above, you don’t have to deal with the consequences of a long renovation or replacement process since we can complete most, if not all, bathroom installations in just one day.

Walk-In Tubs

A white bath tub sitting next to a toiletIf you or someone in the house is having difficulty getting in and out of any bathtubs in your home, you can resort to upgrading your ordinary tub into a walk-in. Walk-in tubs won’t only help regain independence, but they’ll also provide security in the room. This is especially true since our walk-in tubs come with ADA-approved grab bars and an ultra-low threshold. The comfortable seat and soothing jets will also make any bathing experience more pleasurable and relaxing.

Long-Lasting and Beautiful Baths

As a trusted contractor in Louisiana, we give clients peace of mind by only providing them with bathtubs that are:

  • Stress-free: Since our products are infused with antimicrobial technology, you won’t stress out cleaning them or worry about mold and mildew growth.
  • Customizable: Due to our wide selections, you can choose any accessories, as well as the design, location of the drain, and more.
  • High-quality: As our products are made of multi-layered acrylic, they’re built to resist cracks, peels, and chips.
  • Trusted: We have a warranty for all of our products.

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Neglecting the need for a bathtub remodel or replacement will only bring you and your home problems. Thankfully, professional bathtub contractors, like Big Easy Bathtubs, can make the entire process easier and more affordable for you, allowing you to get the bath you’ve always dreamt of having.

If you want to learn more about any of our services, give us a call today so you can speak with one of our specialists. Don’t forget to request a free quote and consultation by filling out our short online form.

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