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Are you tired of your bathroom? Do you want a new, refreshing space to start your mornings in? A bathtub might be in the cards for you. Just imagine it: you’ll be able to get ready for your day in peace and soak away your stresses in the perfect new bathtub.

However, finding the right bathtub can be tricky, and installing it correctly is essential.

That’s where bathtub contractors like Big Easy Bathtubs come in. We’re professionals who specialize in bathtub installation, remodeling, repair, and more. We can help you select the perfect bathtub for your space and install it quickly and correctly, ensuring that you can appreciate your new space for years to come.

Call us today, and let us help you create the perfect space for you.

Why Work With Experts for Your Bathtub Renovation Services?

DIY renovation is all the rage these days. However, with all of the plumbing, waterproofing, and ventilating that goes into a well-designed bathroom, it’s often best to leave this to the experts. Here’s what you can get out of working with a professional:

  • Bathtub Renovated in MandevilleA transformed bathroom. A renovation or remodeling can be a great way to update an old or outdated space. Not only can you update the look of the room, but you can also add some serious functionality with a new bathtub.
  • A more valuable home. Professional remodeling can seriously increase the value of your home. If you’re selling your home, a newly updated bathtub can be a huge selling point to buyers who don’t have the time or energy to renovate on their own.
  • A more comfortable bathing experience. By replacing your old bathtub or shower, you can add something that better supports your body, allowing you to take a comfortable bath after a long day.
  • A long-lasting finish. Professional renovations can provide all of the above for the long term. We know how to make our installations last, ensuring that your investment will be well worth it.

What We Can Do for Your Bathtub

Is your old bathtub just not the right fit anymore? Whether it’s damaged, needs a new finish, or just needs to be replaced, deciding how to approach the issue is your first step. Whether you choose to repair, refinish, or replace your bathtub, the help of a professional contractor like us will ensure that it’s done correctly. For remodeling, renovations, honest advice, and more, you can rely on our team that comes to help you.


Bathtub Repair in MandevilleIs your bathtub damaged, but you’re not ready to let go of it? No worries. Whether you’re keeping it for sentimental, aesthetic, or financial reasons, we’ll make sure that it’s restored to perfect working order so you can enjoy it for years to come.


If your bathtub looks a little outdated, one way to give it a new lease on life is to invest in refinishing. This can transform an ordinary bathtub into something exceptional. There are various ways to modify the final appearance, whether you want a sleek and fresh look or something more traditional. Best of all, bathtub refinishing is much more affordable than replacing your bathtub entirely. If your bathroom could use a little updating, give bathtub refinishing a try.


Your new bathtub will not only be a focal point for the room, but it’s also where you’ll relax, so it’s important to make a thoughtful decision. If you choose to seek out a new bathtub, our experts will help you select the perfect size, shape, material, and cost for the replacement of your old tub.

While tubs come in various shapes and sizes, the installation process is generally the same. Existing fixtures, such as showers and old bathtubs, must be removed first. We’ll handle the removal and disposal of your old bathtub. Next, the drain is installed and connected to the plumbing. Once the drain is in place, the tub will be set into position and bolted to the floor. Finally, the fixtures are reconnected, and the bathtub is filled with water to test for leaks.

What Can Big Easy Bathtubs Do for Your Bathroom in Mandeville, Louisiana?

We are a Mandeville-based contractor that specializes in bathtub Installation and renovation. 

If you’re considering a renovation, finding a good contractor to repair or install a new bathtub can be hard. There are a lot of contractors out there, but it can be hard to know which one is the best for the job. So why choose us?

We specialize in bathtubs that are customized to your needs and preferences, setting us apart from other contractors in the area. Our licensed and insured team is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship and customer service, so our contractors work closely with clients to make sure that their visions are brought to life through our renovations.

We work quickly and efficiently; even if complications arise during the process, our expertise and years of experience allow our team to take it in stride and respond accordingly. Because we use only the best materials and construction methods, you can rest easy knowing that your renovations will last for many years.

Other Bathtub Services We Offer

We also offer a wide range of other services to help you update and improve your bathroom. We can help you repair, refinish and remodel your existing bathtub into something custom just for you.

We can also help you transform your space into something special with home services, kitchen remodeling, custom patios, home renovations, and more. Project like remodeling, renovations, and repair services are challenging and time-consuming, but with our skilled assistance, everything will be handled quickly and efficiently.

Areas We Serve

At Big Easy Bathtubs, we serve the Greater New Orleans area, as well as Covington, Baton Rouge, and other major cities within Louisiana.

If you’d like your washroom turned into a master bathroom retreat in the Mandeville area, you can trust our experts with the renovations and any repair work.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any questions so we can help you bring your dream retreat to life!

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