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Clawfoot Tub Restoration and Repairs in New Orleans

Planning a way to restore your old clawfoot tubs?

Big Easy Bathtub offers reliable clawfoot tub repair and restoration in New Orleans area.

Instead of getting rid of precious, antique bathroom fixtures like your clawfoot tub, allow our team of professionals to make it functional and elegant again.

From restoring the same texture and finish color to enhancing the surface with a different design or color, we have your clawfoot tub repair and restoration needs covered.

New Life for Your Old Claw Tubs

Claw tubs are usually the main attraction of your bathroom. Their iconic claw feet and cast iron and porcelain materials help make them look unique, attractive, and classic. However, your claw tub now might be old and nasty already. Perhaps, you’re thinking of discarding them as they seem to be unusable already.

Our team of experts can bring your old claw tubs back to life. Regardless of your clawfoot tub’s surface type, we have the right skills, knowledge, experience, and equipment to fix any cracks and damages.

While white is the most common color, we can help you repair and restore these unique antiques in different ways, designs, and colors. If you only want to save your tub from discoloration, we can do the job for you as well.

With our years of experience in clawfoot tub repair and restoration and several other vintage bathroom fixtures, you can expect your old and nasty claw tubs to be bright and look brand new again. Our wide range of repair and restoration services includes bathtubs, clawfoot tubs, cultured marble, holes, and chip repairs. We also handle porcelain, fiberglass, shower stalls, and more.

Our Repair and Restoration Process

Cast iron clawfoot tubs are usually exposed on the outside.

  1. Thus, we take the first step of eliminating old paint, rust, and corrosion.
  2. Then, the surface is filled and sanded, so they become smooth and glossy.
  3. Afterward, it’s sealed and refinished. This helps match or provide a contrast with the exterior.

You’re free to choose the color and design you want, and we’ll deliver any of your desired special exterior finishes.

Whether it’s repairing cast iron, acrylic, fiberglass, or cultured marble tubs, we follow a unique and thorough restoration process to make your tubs look exquisite again.

Why is Claw Tub Repair & Restoration  Better Than Replacing?

If your claw tub looks old already, you might consider replacing them with a new one. However, claw tub repair and restoration is usually the better option. Your tub may look old, stained, scratched, chipped, or rusted, but this cast iron tub is durable enough that it rarely encounters a significant amount of damage.

These tubs usually have a thin layer of porcelain that’s vulnerable to chips and scratches. If there’s damage, the cast iron may start getting rusty. This may affect the look of the tub, but we can restore the surface as well as its value for you.

Moreover, our clawfoot tub repair and restoration services in New Orleans can help you save money. You won’t have to hire a professional plumber. The results might be a disaster too.

For instance, removing your old tub may cause damage to the walls and floors. If this happens, you’ll have to spend more to replace the floor covering or mold the tiles that were damaged. Thus, it would be a waste of time, money, and resources.

The project may also take a couple of weeks or months to finish, especially if you choose a custom unit. If you’re using only one bathroom in your house, that means you’ll need some bathroom arrangements while the construction’s ongoing.

While you can buy new acrylic bathtubs, they’re not up to par with the classy appeal of a vintage clawfoot tub. Clawfoot tub repair and restoration services can also help you increase the value of your home by up to 30%.

Thus, if you think the holes, chips, or stains are signs you need to discard your clawfoot tub, we’re here to say it just needs a little bit of help from our talented craftsmen.

DIY repairs usually don’t have those polished, long-lasting, and perfectly glossy effects as professional bathtub repair professionals, so let us revive your beautiful and timeless clawfoot tub.

Claw tub Restoration and Repairs Services Cost

Refinishing a claw tub usually costs between $300 and $650. However, restoration and repair costs vary depending on the condition of your tub. This includes addressing problems, such as scarring, chips, holes, rust, corrosion, stains, and more. Size and material are also contributing factors to the total cost of repair work.

Compared to replacements, repair and restoration of bathtubs are significantly cheaper. There’s no need to spend more money fixing walls and floors in case they get damaged during replacement. With restoration and repair, you can still elevate your bathroom while bringing back the original beauty of your tub. refinish

Call Us for Your Clawfoot Tub’s Repair and Restoration Needs

Clawfoot tubs are one of those timeless bathroom fixtures. They may be an eyesore now, but clawfoot tub restoration and repair make a huge difference. At Big Easy Bathtubs, you can rely on our tested process and top-quality bathtub refinishing services. Whether you have marble tub fixtures or other accent pieces in your bathroom, our experienced professionals are equipped to give them a fresh, new look.

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You won’t also have to resort to replacement and end up getting your floors and walls fixed because of damages. Call us today, and get a free estimate for tub repairs.

What Our clients Say

We were so pleased with the installation work they did on our tub! The service was timely and professional, for a very reasonable price. Thank you!

Craig Harris

They were on time, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend their bathtub service to anyone who needs help with a tub remodel!

Phillip Randle

The bathtub they installed is perfect. It’s really deep and looks sleek in my house, just like I wanted! The company was also very professional and on time with the installation process.

Jessica Dodd

The team at Big Easy Bathtubs was great! They got back to me quickly with an estimate for refinishing our tubs, which are old. The workmanship looks phenomenal! I’d recommend them if you need help with your bathtub remodeling.

Debra Williams

We are so happy with the work Big Easy Bathtubs did on our 10 year old tub. It’s like new again! The friendly service and high-quality products were just what we needed to make this happen, would 100% recommend their services to anyone who wants an upgrade or repairs done to their bathtubs.

Rusty Comer

They do amazing work. I had my very old tub reglazed and it came out looking brand new! Great business, reasonable price & professional–I highly recommend them for your next bathroom project.

Clifton Thompson

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