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Walk-in Bathtub Remodel in New Orleans

Walk-in Bathtubs Remodel in New Orleans By Big Easy Bathtubs

Big Easy Bathtubs is a trusted bathtub company in New Orleans dedicated to helping our customers receive the best quality walk-in bathtubs for their home. We bring comfort back to your bath experience by providing safe access to your bathtub.

Our best walk-in bathtub remodel includes special features like a conventional, full-sized walk-in bath with a custom shower, a low entry point for easy access, a wide and watertight door, and standard temperature-controlled mixer taps.

All the materials and products we use for our walk-in bath remodel and installation comply with the highest standards of the industry. You are assured of quality work that is durable and aesthetic.

So, if you are looking for the best walk-in bathtub remodel in New Orleans, please contact us. We will be happy to walk you through the process and ensure that you get the best walk-in bathtub for your needs.

Custom Walk-In Tub Remodel Service

A relaxing long soak in a bathtub or maybe a long shower is something to look forward to after a long day or when you simply want to loosen up in your own private space. We have the solution to create this experience for you without worrying about how to get out or get in your bathtub.

We are experts in custom walk-in bathtub remodeling in New Orleans. With our bath solutions, you will enjoy a more accessible and safer bathing experience. We want you to have the ultimate bathing luxury and peace of mind with the safety that a custom walk-in bath can provide.

We install custom walk-in baths according to your specifications. Our installers will make sure that the design and material used for your walk-in bath are durable and will match the architecture of your bathroom.

Before we proceed to the installation, we carefully plan out the design with you. You can let us know your specific requirements and we will work out the perfect walk-in bath solution. Leave the installation to us and you will be enjoying a walk-in bath remodel designed according to your specifications.

Why Do I Need to Remodel My Walk-In Tub?

There may be times when you feel like your access to and getting out of your bathtub is becoming uneasy or risky. This will help you determine that it can be better to have a walk-in tub for a safer and more comfortable bathing experience.

Walk-in Bathtubs Remodeling in New Orleans By Big Easy BathtubsWalk-in baths offer easy access to the tub through a watertight door before filling the tub with water. After your bath, you can relax while waiting for the water to drain before safely stepping out the door of your walk-in bath.

We offer several designs of walk-in baths that will cater to every need. If you need a walk-in bathtub to remodel, here are the options that you can choose from:

  • Full-length walk-in bath with door
  • Maxi walk-in bath with door
  • Midi walk-in bath with door
  • Compact walk-in bath with door

Depending on your preferences, we can remodel your walk-in bathtub so you get the ultimate bathing experience that you have been wanting. We can help you transform your bath with custom accessories that will convert your tub into what you want and how you want it to function.

Can I do my own walk-in tub remodel?

A walk-in tub remodel can involve a lot of work especially if you want to add accessories and other features to make your bathing experience more luxurious. Upgrades to make your bath highly efficient, relaxing, and safe will need technical experience.

It is best to trust the remodeling work on your bathtub to a walk-in tub remodel company that has specialists in the design and walk-in tub installations. Our individualized approach in our walk-in tub remodels service is focused on meeting and exceeding your expectations.

How much does it cost to remodel my walk-in tub?

The regular cost for a walk-in bathtub begins at $2,00 for a basic soaker and can reach as much as $20,000 for a two-person tub that offers spa-like features. But, if you need to remodel your bathroom to accommodate a walk-in tub, expect to pay $6,152 to $16,615. The final cost will basically depend on the amount of work that needs to be done or the type of remodeling work like:

  • Installing a long tub or a two-seat tub that occupies more space
  • Need for replumbing with bigger pipes or moving pipes to a new location
  • Converting a shower into a walk-in tub
  • Converting a walk-in tub into a full shower

We offer quality residential walk-in tub remodeling services that are guaranteed to give you satisfaction. Turn your bathroom into a haven where you can relax and soak in pure bliss with a quality walk-in tub remodel only from Big Easy Bathtubs.

Why choose Big Easy Bathtubs for your walk-in tub remodeling needs?

We let you take the first step towards the ultimate bathing experience with our premium walk-in tub remodeling services. You deserve the peace of mind that a good bath brings. Our team of professionals will take care of the whole remodel project for you.

Here’s why it is a worthwhile investment to get walk-in tub remodels from us:

  • Price

We offer the most competitive and reasonable price in the market for walk-in tub remodel services in the New Orleans area.

  • Convenience

Our bath experts will assess your bathroom and suggest the most convenient and most comfortable design for your walk-in bathtub. They are very friendly and professional and will make the remodeling process convenient for you.

  • Quality materials

We use only top-quality materials that comply with the high standards of the bath industry. You are guaranteed a secure warranty for all materials used along with excellence in workmanship.

  • Customer service

With Big Easy Bathtubs, you get the best quality service and customer relations. Your satisfaction is at the heart of every walk-in bathtub remodel that we do.

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We take pride in the skill and quality of our work and personnel, who are service professionals for walk-in bathtub remodels we do in New Orleans, LA. As a trusted contractor, we can future-proof your bathroom with a walk-in bathtub remodel designed with your safety and satisfaction in mind. Call us today for a free quote on your bathtub remodel needs and know more about our other services!

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We were so pleased with the installation work they did on our tub! The service was timely and professional, for a very reasonable price. Thank you!

Craig Harris

They were on time, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend their bathtub service to anyone who needs help with a tub remodel!

Phillip Randle

The bathtub they installed is perfect. It’s really deep and looks sleek in my house, just like I wanted! The company was also very professional and on time with the installation process.

Jessica Dodd

The team at Big Easy Bathtubs was great! They got back to me quickly with an estimate for refinishing our tubs, which are old. The workmanship looks phenomenal! I’d recommend them if you need help with your bathtub remodeling.

Debra Williams

We are so happy with the work Big Easy Bathtubs did on our 10 year old tub. It’s like new again! The friendly service and high-quality products were just what we needed to make this happen, would 100% recommend their services to anyone who wants an upgrade or repairs done to their bathtubs.

Rusty Comer

They do amazing work. I had my very old tub reglazed and it came out looking brand new! Great business, reasonable price & professional–I highly recommend them for your next bathroom project.

Clifton Thompson

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