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Why Choose a Walk-in Bathtub for Your New Orleans Home?

Combining comfort, peace of mind and luxury has never been easier than it is with walk-in tubs for your home. As people age, they will need an accessible bathtub that they can easily enter and exit without climbing over the tub’s wall.

This keeps them safe from slipping and falling, making it a necessity as well as a luxury. A walk-in tub can make your bathroom comfortable and luxurious so you can cleanse and relax in style.

For a safe, elegant, and accessible place to relax, look to expert tub installers like Big Easy Bathtubs. Our professionals will install and take care of everything from start to finish, leaving you with the perfect bathroom to relax and unwind in.

Still not sold on walk-in tubs? We’ll walk you through how these tubs can impact your life for the better. Or you contact our customer service to learn more about our bathtubs and services.

Who Can Benefit From a Walk-in Tub in Their Bathroom?

Walk-in Bathtub Installation

Anyone can benefit from walk-in baths for their homes; updated fixtures bring elegance, class, and value to a bathroom.

Plus, relaxing bathing will lead to nothing but improved hygiene. Sure, people can feel clean after a shower, but nothing beats the deep relaxation that comes with a long soak in a new bath.

While everyone can do with a nice bath, certain people can benefit from these installations more than others.

For instance, those who are at increased risk of slipping and falling, such as the elderly and those with physical disabilities, can benefit from the ease of access that comes with a walk-in tub. With traditional tubs, it’s difficult and dangerous to simply wash without support. If you’d like to regain your independence without fear of injuries, custom New Orleans walk-in tubs are the way to go.

With innovative walk-in bathtubs, all you have to do is open the door, walk in, and relax in the warm water — there’s no need to put yourself at additional risk by climbing precariously over the edge of a traditional bath. While it’s a significant investment, financing bathroom safety should be your priority.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Walk-In Tub?

There are many benefits to walk-in tubs for homes in New Orleans, including the following:

Neck-deep Immersion

Whether you’d prefer a hot or cold bath in your cozy walk-in tub, neck-deep immersion is good for your overall health. Immersive baths have been tentatively linked to improved brain function, lower blood sugar, burnt calories, and improved sleep at night. This is why health-conscious people deem the installation of walk-in tubs a necessity.


Hydrotherapy, as the name suggests, uses water to treat various ailments. In New Orleans, hydrotherapy is typically used to address anxiety and depression and reduce physical pain from various sources.

Even if the door into these tubs isn’t necessary for those with aches, it proves to be convenient for them, too, as they can avoid the pain that may be triggered by stepping over the bath wall.

The ability to address pain makes these baths popular with athletes, those with arthritis, and expectant parents. Many of these people end up having their traditional bath swapped for a New Orleans replacement walk-in bath, making their home more comfortable, accessible, and suited to their needs. A walk-in tub can truly revolutionize these people’s lives.

Safety Features

Walk-in tubs come with safety features that no other bathroom fixtures have. A walk-in tub has outward- and inward-opening doors, a tight seal to prevent leaks and falls, easy-to-grip handrails to support your body, and a depth and length made to be comfortable and safe for family members of all ages.

If you want your home to be safe whether you’re bathing or showering, you should have professionals install a replacement walk-in tub ASAP.

How Can I Choose the Right Walk-in Tub for My New Orleans Bathroom?

In New Orleans, you have a lot of options when it comes to the installation of tubs. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, it’s easier than it seems. Just keep the following in mind:

  • Know your needs. If you’re going to purchase the right walk-in tub for your New Orleans home, you have to assess your current house set up and your family’s needs to make sure that the bathtub you choose fits the bill. Don’t forget: these needs include your family’s safety needs. Anyone can benefit from a walk-in bath in New Orleans, but their safety features may vary. Some bathroom walk-in tubs are equipped with features such as easy locking handles, water purification, anti-scald technology, additional grab bars, and non-slip surfaces. If anyone in your home would benefit from safety features in the bath, make sure their needs are met.
  • Set a consultation. If you’re planning to hire a professional for the installation, we recommend scheduling a consultation to get their insight into the matter before you invest in a big walk-in tub for your showers. You can ask them for their professional recommendations on their products with your family, floor plan, and budget in mind.
  • Luxury matters. While safety features are a necessity, if you’re making this investment, you may as well get some luxury features, too. Walk-in tubs can come with features like massage systems, heated surfaces, handheld showers, and aromatherapy. You deserve relaxation to the max in your new walk-in bathtub, so choose one that can deliver it.
  • Set a budget. Since walk-in tubs in New Orleans are a lifetime investment, they come in at a wide array of prices. Look over your finances and determine your budget for the installation process before choosing your walk-in tub.

Why Choose Big Easy Bathtubs to Install New Orleans Walk-in Tubs?

Big Easy Bathtubs provides flexible options for the installation of your brand-new walk-in tub in New Orleans. We offer tubs that last longer and provide both safety and luxury; if you want the best of the best when it comes to walk-in tubs, we have it.

On a tight budget? No worries. We offer various prices for you to choose from, depending on your needs and the structure of the bathroom where you’re planning to install the walk-in tub.

You can check out our products and offers on our website for more information. Create the perfect, safe, and luxurious environment in your dream bathroom with Big Easy Bathtubs.

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