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Bathtub Refinishing

Big Easy Bathtubs: Is It Worth Refinishing a Bathtub?

Are you wanting to give your bathroom a facelift? Bathtub reglazing and refinishing are affordable ways of achieving that. But how do you know if the job will last long-term?

Big Easy Bathtubs have been around for decades, and we offer homeowners an easy fix for their old bathtubs that would otherwise need costly repair and remodeling. The reglazing process offers more than just aesthetic appeal; it also helps to preserve the existing protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, odors, and other issues common with older bathrooms.

Are you considering remodeling your bathtub? In this article, we’ll explain the advantages and drawbacks of refinishing so that you can make an informed decision. We weigh up the financial implications of reglazing a tub as well as how long they last when maintained correctly. Plus, discover proven tips to better preserve and extend its lifespan!

Aesthetics and Cost-Effectiveness

Refinishing your bathtub is a cost-effective and efficient way to give your bathroom an entire makeover.

Beyond its aesthetic value, bathtub glazing also helps protect against potential issues such as unpleasant odors, bacteria growth, mildew accumulation, and other common problems found in older properties.

Another thing is that the price of refinishing a bathtub can save you from spending much more money that comes with replacing it entirely!

Revamping an old bathtub can take anywhere from two to four hours, depending on its size and what condition the surface is currently in.

To complete this task, you’ll need to sand down the original layer before applying a quality primer followed by an acrylic-based topcoat that guards against chips and scratches. After these steps are done properly, your tub will be good as new!

Durability and Longevity

Are you looking to extend the life of your bathtub? Refinishing a bathtub can help improve durability, prevent leaks, and make it easier to clean. Here’s a simple bathtub refinishing process guide on how to refinish a bathtub and make it last longer:

1. Clean the Bathtub Thoroughly

Refinish bathtub - Big Easy BathtubsBefore you start refinishing, it’s important to give your bathtub an intensive cleaning to remove any dirt and grime that has built up over time.

Use a mixture of water, mild detergent and baking soda to scrub down the walls and floor with a sponge or cloth. Make sure you rinse off all the soap suds after scrubbing as well.

2. Remove Rust Stains

Rust is one of the main things that can compromise your bathtub’s longevity, so use low-grit sandpaper or fine steel wool to remove any rust stains from your tub’s surface. Be sure to work in small circles and be gentle when dealing with rust spots so as not to damage the material.

3. Prime the Surface

Once all the rust is removed, you want to apply a primer before painting or applying sealant (depending on what kind of refinishing products you choose). A primer helps protect against water damage and increases adhesion between materials while also providing a base layer for new paint/sealant coatings.

4. Choose Your Finishing Product

The two main choices for finishing products are paint coating and sealant coating – both do essentially the same job but achieve different results depending on what look you’re going for. Sealant coats last much longer than paint coating.

Follow instructions carefully when using these products; some may require multiple layers for optimal protection and performance.

5. Add Final Touches

Finally, add any final touches such as new faucets or spouts which can help enhance both appearance and usability making your newly refinished tub look better than ever!

Be sure to add caulking around the edges if needed and caulk tape along all joints between fixtures like showerheads, valves, etc. – this extra step will go a long way in keeping water from seeping into walls or other surfaces through tiny crevices in pipes and fittings.

Environmental Impact

For those wishing to do a bathtub redone without contributing further to air pollution, refinishing is an ideal option. This process does not produce any dangerous waste and relies on non-toxic supplies that do not include VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The bathtub refinishing procedure is designed with the environment in mind – making it a great choice for your next bathroom project!

Refinishing Vs Replacing a Bathtub

bathtub contractor- Big Easy BathtubsRefinishing a bathtub can be an excellent way to refresh outdated fixtures, helping to renovate and transform the look of any bathroom. Refinishing eliminates the need for bathtub replacement, which can save time and money.

Depending on how badly worn the existing tub is, refinishing may be more cost-effective and quicker than replacing it. In addition, refinishing is often better for the environment because it reduces waste that would normally go into landfills if your bathtub were to be replaced.

Suitable for All Types of Bathtubs

Refinishing is a great option for any bathroom remodel because it can change an existing tub’s color and surface material. It’s also more cost-effective than replacing the tub entirely. Refinishing makes it possible to update an old bathtub without having to remove it from the bathroom.

Many refinishing companies specialize in tile, ceramic, porcelain, and fiberglass sinks and bathtubs. This process allows you to restore the original luster and shine of your tub while at the same time giving it a completely new look. Bathtub refinishing is also a much quicker process than traditional substitute, with far less mess and disruption to your home.

Big Easy Bathtubs offers professional refinishing services for all types of bathtubs. Refinishing your existing tub can extend its life while giving you a new and improved look! Whether you have a simple acrylic tub, a luxurious Jacuzzi spa or an elegant claw foot, our experienced team can restore any type of bathtub to like-new condition.

With our wide selection of colors and finishes, you’ll be able to give your bathroom a fresh new look that will last for years. Plus, our services are extremely affordable, so there’s no need to invest in an entirely new tub!

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining and caring for a refinished bathtub from Big Easy Bathtubs is quick and easy. Regular proper care and cleaning are as simple as wiping down the surface with a damp cloth and regular bathroom cleaning products.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners on the bathtub surface, as this can damage the refinished finish. With proper care, your newly refinished bathtub should look like new for years to come!

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