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Clawfoot Tub Materials and Styles: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Bathtub

Finding the perfect bathtub can be a challenge. Clawfoot tubs offer classic style, durability, and luxurious bathing experiences, but with so many materials and styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming. We’re here to guide you through the maze of options to find the perfect bathtub to complement your bathroom.

Big Easy Bathtubs offers a wide selection of clawfoot tubs in different materials and styles to suit any bathroom design. Clawfoot tubs have been around for centuries and are still a popular choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of elegance and luxury to their bathrooms.

In this article, we’ll explore the different materials and styles available for clawfoot tubs, as well as the pros and cons of each option. Whether you’re looking for a classic cast iron tub or a modern acrylic tub, Big Easy Bathtubs has the perfect clawfoot tub for your needs.

Materials Used to Make Clawfoot Tubs

Acrylic BathroomClawfoot tubs are popular for their unique aesthetic and durability, requiring materials that won’t scratch or dent easily. Materials used include acrylic, cast iron, stainless steel, and copper. Acrylic is a popular choice due to its lightweight and durability, but can be prone to scratches over time compared to metal troughs.

  • Cast iron is a popular material for clawfoot tubs due to its strength, resistance to damage, and ability to withstand up to four times the water pressure of acrylic models. Cast iron baths are often enameled for a glossy finish that resists staining and erosion.
  • Stainless steel has quickly become a go-to for those looking for a sleek and modern finish in their bathroom without compromising on quality or durability. Stainless steel tubs are scratch resistant which makes them perfect for busy households or high-traffic bathrooms where wear and tear may be an issue. While slightly pricier than other materials, many consider the chic look worth the added investment.
  • Copper brings unparalleled panache to bathrooms around the world due to its warm patina coloration that adds depth and sophistication to any space. Copper baths offer an unmistakable vintage look that is luxurious yet timeless at the same time. However, they are not recommended for shared bathrooms as they are prone to denting if exposed to heavy foot traffic over time.

These materials have been carefully chosen over time as ideal candidates for clawfoot tubs due their durability, design, and ease of maintenance.

As you continue your search for your perfect bathtub, keep these popular material options in mind while considering what will work best in your home’s layout and design scheme with minimal upkeep costs down the line.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is a popular material for clawfoot tubs due to its heat retention and durable properties. Its porcelain enamel finish makes it easy to maintain and prevents corrosion, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. With proper care, cast iron tubs can last up to 100 years. However, they can be challenging to install due to their weight, adding cost and complexity to the project.

As mentioned earlier, cast iron clawfoot tubs come in a variety of different styles so you should have no trouble finding one that fits your needs. Regardless of what style you eventually choose, cast iron is an elegant material that can help bring timeless beauty and charm into your bathroom space – just make sure it’s installed properly to enjoy all of these benefits for years to come.


Steel clawfoot tubs are lightweight and easy to install compared to cast iron tubs. They offer unique design options, such as slipper-style tubs with high backs and armrests for added comfort. These tubs may have finishes that resemble copper or brass, giving a luxurious look to your bathroom without the high price tag.

Of course, the lower cost of a steel tub often comes at the expense of durability and longevity. Many people find that their steel tub can rust after several years, especially if it is not properly sealed or cleaned. Additionally, steel may not have as much strength as cast iron and may not be able to stand up to heavy daily use.

In light of these issues, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of both materials before making your selection. Whatever you decide, whether it be cast iron or a steel clawfoot tub, it always helps to know what you are buying before shopping around so you can make an informed decision.

Acrylic and Other Combinations of Materials Used

Combining materials can be a better choice for clawfoot tubs as steel may not be ideal for all bathrooms. Acrylic tubs offer thermal insulation and are lightweight and easy to install. Manufacturers commonly combine steel and acrylic, with reinforced acrylic used for the exterior surface and steel for the interior frame. Some manufacturers add other materials like wood or marble for a more luxurious touch.

Considering that there is such a wide range of alternative material combinations available, selecting the best option can be quite daunting; however, these combinations open up a world of creative possibilities so one should take their time researching and exploring those options before deciding. Ultimately you’ll want to choose something that meets your needs without sacrificing comfort or style.

Having discussed various materials used in producing clawfoot tubs, it’s now time to delve into the myriad styles and sizes available.

  • Clawfoot tubs are typically made from either enameled cast iron, acrylic, or refinished vintage materials.
  • Clawfoot bathtubs have been around since the early 19th century and remain popular today due to their classic style and durability.
  • According to the 2019 Houzz Bathroom Trends Survey, 15 percent of US homeowners included a clawfoot tub as part of their bathroom renovation

Clawfoot Tub Sizes and Styles Available

Cast Iron Standing Bathtub - Big Easy BathTubsWhen it comes to size and style, clawfoot tubs offer plenty of options. Popular sizes range from 30 inches up to more than 72 inches in length, with some even featuring multiple bathing areas.

As far as styles go, traditional and modern designs abound; there’s a model for every aesthetic.

Whether you prefer the timeless look of a freestanding tub, or want something more contemporary like a corner-mounted tub, clawfoot tubs abound with choices.

For homeowners considering a luxury setup, double-ended clawfoot tubs should also be considered.

With one end slightly higher than the other and no predetermined “head” side, these designs are perfect for soaking in double the pleasure.

If you’re looking for something with modern flair but still classic, the slipper clawfoot is your best bet – and nowadays many models come with added amenities like an integrated soap dish or armrests on either side of the basin.

For greater flexibility due to space constraints, combo or combination baths might be the answer.

These feature both a shower and a bathtub incorporated into one unit and can often fit into even smaller areas due to their different shape (typically rectangular) and height-adjustable feet.

Traditional and Modern Designs

When it comes to clawfoot tub styles, versatility is the name of the game. Both traditional and modern designs are popular among today’s homeowners. Traditional looks are timeless yet understated, while modern designs offer a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.

For those seeking something classic, a vintage-inspired tub with intricate detailing on its feet or body is the way to go. Like a treasured family heirloom, these tubs will last for many years and don’t need a lot of fuss to maintain their appeal.

However, if you desire a bolder statement in your bathroom, something more modern may suit you best. Opt for contemporary shapes, such as oval or rectangles with non-traditional fixtures and chic surfaces (e.g., metal or chrome finishes).

No matter which design you decide upon, clawfoot tubs evoke an undeniable sense of elegance and luxury in any home space. The right combination of materials, size, and style can make all the difference in achieving your desired bathroom look.

Decorative Faucets for Clawfoot Tubs

Clawfoot Tub Remodel in New Orleans - Big Easy BathtubsAs with many design decisions, choosing the perfect decorative faucet for your clawfoot tub is mainly a matter of personal preference. Some people will opt for traditional fixtures to bring a sense of elegance to their bathrooms.

Traditional faucets tend to have ornate designs and robust features that add a touch of sophistication.

Consider looking for one with intricate handles, vintage curves, and distinctive finishes like polished brass or chrome.

However, modern fixtures can also be very attractive in the same context. They lend an airy minimalism to bathroom spaces while still making a statement with sleek lines and glossy surfaces.

If this is more up your alley, you might look for a faucet with retro-style accents combined with a more contemporary color palette.

No matter which style lends itself better to your home décor, just be sure to give it the attention it deserves. After all, it will be the finishing touch of your dream clawfoot bathtub! Armed with these tips, you’re ready to explore the world of accessories and help create an oasis in your own bathroom.

Accessories for Clawfoot Tubs

Accessories like shower rings, headrests, and pedestal feet can enhance the comfort and appearance of a clawfoot tub. Shower rings, which are mounted on the wall or ceiling, come with a shower curtain rod, shower head, and sprayer hose. Some people think that adding shower rings detracts from the clawfoot tub’s look, while others argue that it adds a unique and luxurious touch.

Headrests are a popular accessory for clawfoot tubs, providing extra cushioning for the neck and head during long baths. Pedestal feet are also often used to elevate the tub and add classic elegance, though they may not be comfortable for bare feet. Customizing accessories can fit personal tastes, adding extra comfort and luxury.

Choosing the Perfect Tub for Your Bathroom

Choose Big Easy Bathtubs as your ultimate destination for everything related to clawfoot tubs. We trust that this guide has been beneficial in comprehending the various materials and styles that are accessible when buying a clawfoot tub.

No matter if you opt for cast iron, steel, or acrylic, we are certain that our assortment of clawfoot tubs and accessories will be an ideal enhancement to your bathroom. We are committed to delivering top-notch products and excellent customer service, so feel free to contact us for any queries or issues.

We appreciate you selecting Big Easy Bathtubs for your clawfoot tub requirements. Contact us now!

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