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Are you looking for an accessible and luxurious bathing experience? Traditional bathtubs can be a menace to those with limited mobility, making simple tasks such as getting in and out of the tub extremely challenging.

An often overlooked solution to this problem is step-in tubs. Unlike other more complicated contraptions, these specifically designed walk-in tubs do not require significant remodeling that can be expensive. Big Easy Bathtubs will also provide luxury bathing experiences unique to New Orleans residents that must make staying in their homes much easier and enjoyable.

If you are someone living in New Orleans who longs for an improved bathing experience while maintaining a safe environment, then a step-in tub could be the perfect solution. We’ll look at the advantages of installing a step-in bathtub in your home and provide advice on selecting the one that’s best suited to fit both your needs and budget.

What are Step-In Tubs?

Step-In Tubs are a style of bathtub that allows for ease of access. They have a low step with a non-slip surface leading up to the tub rather than a higher lip, making them much easier to get into and out of.

Additionally, they offer many safety features such as grip bars and anti-scald valves. This makes them ideal for people with mobility difficulties or the elderly who may face difficulty getting in and out of traditional bathtubs.

Step-in tubs are also designed to be more aesthetically pleasing and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors to fit any bathroom décor.

Safety Features of Step-in Tub

Step-in tubs are ideal for the elderly and those with limited mobility. These specialized tubs offer a variety of safety features that make bathing safer and more comfortable. This includes slip-resistant floors, anti-scalding water temperate control, easy-grip handrails, quick draining systems, auto purge cycles, wide entryways to reduce the risk of falling, raised built-in seating, and more.

  • Anti-Slip Floor and Seat

    Step-in tubs are designed to make it easy and safe for the elderly and disabled to get in and out of the bath. Safety features in these types of tubs include an anti-slip floor and seat, as well as a high seat back, armrests, handrails, and non-skid mats.

  • Built-in Grab Bars

    Step-in tubs are known for their safety, and built-in grab bars are an important feature. By having a built-in grab bar within the unit, helps with stability and balance when stepping in and out of the bathtub. It also serves as a support for those who may need extra assistance with coordination or strength.

tub features

  • Step-in Height (Pre-installation)

    Installing a step-in tub has many safety features, one of which is the pre-installation step-in height. The optimal pre-installation step-in height allows users to safely enter and exit the bathtub without lifting their legs too high or too low.

    Additionally, when choosing a pre-installed step-in height for your new bath or tub, it is important to choose one that suits the individual user’s needs; for example, a single user may require a higher pre-installed height than someone using it as a couple’s bath.

  • Easy-to-Use Drain

    Step-in tubs are an excellent choice for those looking to make bathing safer and easier. One of their safety features is the easy-to-use drain, which allows water to be quickly and safely drained away. This feature eliminates the need for strainers, ensuring that there won’t be any clogs or backups. It also helps to prevent flooding in the bathroom, making sure that floors and other areas do not become dangerously slippery when someone is showering.

  • Hydro Massage Jets

    Step-in tubs have many safety features, one of the most popular being hydro massage jets. These jets provide a gentle water massage to help relax the user, and can also be set for a specific intensity for comfort.

  • Handheld Shower Wand

    Step-in tubs are becoming increasingly popular for elderly and disabled individuals due to their safety features. One such feature is the handheld shower wand, which provides an ergonomic way of showering. The user can reach all areas of the body with ease and comfort due to the adjustable length and angled head. Step-in tubs also come equipped with non-slip pads so that users do not worry about slipping while taking a bath or a shower.

The Cost of Step-in Tubs in New Orleans

Step-in tubs in New Orleans can be expensive depending on the type and options you choose. Installation costs can also vary with some companies offering full-service installation while others require a do-it-yourself approach.

On average, a simple step-in tub will range from $2,500-$5,000. Higher-end models could get as expensive as $10,000 or more.

Furthermore, because of the high humidity climate in New Orleans special care needs to be used when installing step-in tubs for long-term protection from water damage. A quality installation properly done by a professional is essential for the longer-lasting and worry-free use of your new step-in tub.

Get Step-In Tubs Installed In Your New Orleans Home By Big Easy Bathtubs

With its modern design and efficient features, this innovative bathtub offers luxurious comfort and convenience. You can enjoy a whole-body massage, easy step-in access for increased safety and independence, customizable water circulation systems for optimal performance and temperature control, and features that are designed with elderly users in mind.

Whatever your bathing needs are, this step-in tub won’t disappoint! Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or take a stress-free shower, this tub from Big Easy Bathtubs will provide you with the comfort you need.

Plus, with its unique design that saves on space, it’s perfect for those tight bathrooms of New Orleans! Embrace the ultimate bathing experience today by clicking here for a step-in tub and get ready for weeks, months, or even years full of relaxation!

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