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Can a Fiberglass Tub Be Repaired?

Are you looking for an affordable way to upgrade your bathroom, but worried that a fiberglass bathtub can’t be salvaged? Is there any hope of fixing your tub without needing to buy a new one?

Fiberglass is an affordable material used in many bathrooms and showers, however, it can become corroded over time. Common signs of wear and tear include chips, cracks, and discoloration. If left unrepaired, then the entire bathtub may need to be replaced, leading to significant costs and labor.

The good news is that most of these damages are repairable! Though it’s best to seek professional help if the damage appears severe, here’s what you need to know about repairing a fiberglass bathtub on your own. We at Big Easy Bathtubs can help you learn more about a fiberglass tub and install one for you.

Is Fiberglass Bathtub Repair Worth It?

Fiberglass bathtub repair is a great way to save money and time when it comes to bathroom renovations. The process of repairing a fiberglass tub is relatively simple and can be done with minimal effort.

The question is is it worth it to repair a fiberglass bathtub?

The answer is yes! Repairing a fiberglass bathtub can be a great way to save money and time when it comes to bathroom renovations. Not only will you save money on the cost of replacing the tub, but you’ll also save time by not having to install a new one.

Benefits of Repairing or Filling Bathtub Cracks & Chips

  • Save Money

bathtub contractor- Big Easy BathtubsThe expenses of changing a bathtub can become costly. From materials to labor costs and even needing to substitute the faucet and drain, your wallet would take quite the beating. However, getting a bathtub repair option is more economical, 75-85% cheaper than buying a new tub. If you wish to discover how much it will cost you to repair your bathtub, our team offers free estimates.

  • Less Hassle

No one relishes living in an area of destruction. Unlike introducing a shiny new tub, repairing a bathtub takes very little time. Once finished, you will be able to comfortably stand in the tub or shower within 12-24 hours, free from mess and trouble.

  • Extend your Tub’s Life

Are you the proud owner of either an acrylic or fiberglass tub? If so, we are confident that we can make it gleam. Even more impressive is how our tried-and-true process can extend the life of the tub by as much as 15 years – and we even offer a warranty on any job we do.

What Can I Use to Fix a Crack in My Fiberglass Tub?

Epoxy putty is the best option for repairing cracks in a fiberglass tub. This putty is designed to bond with the material, creating a waterproof seal that will keep water from seeping into the crack and causing further damage.

Before applying the epoxy putty, make sure to clean the area around the crack with soap and water. Once this is done, apply the putty over the crack and let it dry completely before sanding it down again.

In conclusion, fiberglass bathtub repair is a great way to save money and time when it comes to bathroom renovations. With some basic tools and instructions, you can easily repair any chips or cracks in your tub without spending too much money on expensive replacements.

If you need help installing or repairing your fiberglass tub, contact Big Easy Bathtubs today. We can help you get the job done right!

How to Repair a Fiberglass Bathtub Hole?

Step 1: Clean the Area to Be Repaired

To begin the process, you will need to clean the area around the hole with soap and water.

Step 2: Apply Painters’ Tape

Once this is done, apply painter’s tape around the edges of the hole. This will help keep any epoxy from seeping out during the repair process.

Step 3: Drill Stop-Drill Holes and Reinforce the Fiberglass

Next, use a drill and stop-drill bits to reinforce the fiberglass around the hole. This will help prevent further damage from occurring as you repair the hole.

Step 4: Mix Epoxy With Hardener

After that, mix some epoxy with hardener according to the instructions on the packaging and apply it over the hole.

Step 5: Apply the Filler

Make sure to spread it evenly so that it fills in any gaps or cracks.

Step 6: Retape the Area and Start Sanding

Once the epoxy is dry, you can start sanding the area to smooth out any rough edges.

Step 7: Apply a Spray Finish (Optional)

You may also want to apply a spray finish for added protection.

Step 8: Apply Polishing Compound

Finally, use a polishing compound to give the repaired area a glossy finish. With these steps, you can easily repair any hole in your fiberglass bathtub and make it look new again!

How Long Will a Fiberglass Tub Patch Last?

Bathtub ReplacementA fiberglass tub patch can last for many years if it is done properly. To ensure a long-lasting repair, the area must be completely clean and free of debris before applying the epoxy putty.

Additionally, you should sand down the area after the epoxy has dried to make sure that it is smooth and even. You should apply a protective coating such as a spray finish or polishing compound to help protect against further damage.

With proper care and maintenance, your fiberglass tub patch can last for many years to come.

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